Lista skrótów używanych w Cyber Security

Zarówno w IT jak i w cyberbezpieczeństwie używamy bardzo wiele skrótów, których rozwinięcie i znaczenie nieraz wymaga dalszych poszukiwań. Z tego właśnie powodu, aby zebrać większość skrótów wraz ich rozwinięciami w jednym miejscu, powstał zbiór skrótów Cyber Security.

Znajdziesz tu także inne skróty, odnoszące się do technologii IT, które często możesz spotkać pracując w security.

Dodatkowo klikając na skrót lub jego rozwinięcie, będziesz mogła/mógł zapoznać się z jego pełną definicją.

3  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  K  L  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y 

3DESTriple DES
3LCThird Level Code


AAAttribute Authority
AARLAttribute Authority Revocation List
ACAccess Control
ACCAccess Control Center
ACIAccess Control Information
ACLAccess Control List
ACRLAttribute Certificate Revocation List
ACTRAverage Call Traffic Rate
ADFAccess Control Decision Function
ADIAccess Control Decision Information
AEFAccess Control En­Forcement Function
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AGWAccess Gateway
AHAuthentication Header
AIAuthentication Information
AIDCAutomatic Identification And Data Capture
AISAutomatic Identification System
ALEAnnual Loss Expectancy
ALGApplication Level Gateway
APAccess Point
APOPAuthenticated Post Office Protocol
ARFAssessment Results Format
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASFAnti-Spam Function
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation One
AuFAuthentication Function
AUPAcceptable Use Policy
AVAntivirus (-Al) Software

BBNBBN Technologies Corp.
BCBiometric Certificate
BCABiometric Certificate Authority
BCABrand Certification Authority
BCIBrand CRL Identifier
BCPBusiness Continuity Plan
BCRLBiometric Certificate Revocation List
BDCBiometric Device Certificate
BEBorder Element
BERBasic Encoding Rules
BIABusiness Continuity Planning
BINBank Identification Number
BOBuffer Overflow
BPCBiometric Policy Certificate
BRBorder Router
BS7799British Standard 7799
BSIBoot Sector Infector
BSVBoot Sector Virus

CACertification Authority
CAMCertificate Arbitrator Module
CAPECCommon Attack Pattern Enumeration And Classification
CARLCertification Authority Revocation List
CASFCore Asf
CASTCarlisle Adams (C.A.) Stafford Tavares (S.T.)
CBCCipher Block Chaining
CBC (Mode)Cipher Block Chaining Mode
CBRCall Blocking Rate
CCCommon Criteria
CCACardholder Certification Authority
CCECommon Configuration Enumeration
CCEPCommercial COMSEC Evaluation Program
CCIControlled Cryptographic Item
CEECommon Event Expression
CERCrossover Error Rate
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CFBCipher Feedback
CHAPChallenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CIACComputer Incident Advisory Capability
CIKCryptographic Ignition Key
CIMCryptographic Information Management
CKLCompromised Key List
CLEFCommercially Licensed Evaluation Facility
CMACCipher-Based Message Authentication Code
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
CMSCryptographic Message Syntax
CNSSCommittee on National Security Systems
COBITControl Objectives for Information and Related Technology
COICommunity Of Interest
COMPUSECComputer Security
COMSECCommunications Security
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
CRLCertificate Revocation List
CRLX.509 Certificate Revocation List
CRMCustomer Relationship Management System
CRSCorrelative Reacting System
CRSAPCorrelative Reacting System Application Protocol
CSPCredential Service Provider
CSTVRPComputer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
CTRCounter Mode
CVECommon Vulnerabilities And Exposures
CVSSCommon Vulnerability Scoring System
CWControl Word
CWECommon Weakness Enumeration
CWSSCommon Weakness Scoring System

DAADesignated Approving Authority
DACDiscretionary Access Control
DBMSDatabase Management System
DDoSDistributed Denial of Service
DEAData Encryption Algorithm
DEKData Encryption Key
DERDistinguished Encoding Rules
DESData Encryption Standard
DHDiffie-Hellman algorithm
DIIDefense Information Infrastructure
DKIMDomain Keys Identified Mail
DMZDemilitarized Zone
DNDistinguished Name
DNSDomain Name System
DoSDenial Of Service
DPDetecting Point
DPIDeep Packet Inspection
DPI-FEDPI Functional Entity
DPI-PEDPI Physical Entity
DRPDisaster Recovery Plan
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
DSBDedicated Security Device
DSSDigital Signature Standard
DWIMDo What I Mean


EAAEntity Authentication Assurance
EACEntity Authentication Centre
EALEvaluation Assurance Level
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
EARLEnd-Entity Attribute Certificate Revocation List
ECBElectronic Codebook
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography
EC-GDSAElliptic Curve Digital Signature
ECUEnd Cryptographic Unit
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EICAREuropean Institute for Computer Antivirus Research
EICAREICAR Standard Antivirus Test File
EMSECElectromagnetic Emanations Security
EMSECEmanations Security
EMVEuropay MasterCard Visa
EPLEvaluated Products List
EPRLEnd-Entity Public-Key Certificate Revocation List
ESPEncapsulating Security Payload
EUDEnd User Device
EVCERTExtended Validation Certificate Framework


FARFalse Acceptance Rate
FATFile Allocation Table
FEALFast Data Encipherment Algorithm
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FIRSTForum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FOUOFor Official Use Only
FPKIFederal Public-key Infrastructure
FRRFalse Rejection Rate
FTLSFormal Top-Level Specification
FTPFile Transfer Protocol


GDOIGroup Domain of Interpretation
GULSGeneric Upper Layer Security

HIPAAHealth Information Portability And Accountability
HMACHashed Message Authentication Code
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure


IaaSInfrastructure As A Service
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
IAPIntercept Access Point
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
iCRLIndirect CRL
IDEAInternational Data Encryption Algorithm
IdPIdentity Provider
IDSIntrusion Detection System
IdSPIdentity Service Provider
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IEEE 802.10IEEE 802.10 Committee
IEEE P1363IEEE P1363 Standard
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IKEInternet Key Exchange
IMInstant Messaging
IMAP4Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4
IMEIInternational Mobile Station Equipment Identity
IMUNInternational Mobile User Number
INFOCONInformation Operations Condition
INFOSECInformation Security
IODEFIncident Object Description Exchange Format
IOTPInternet Open Trading Protocol
IPIntellectual Property
IPIntelligent Peripheral
IPInternet Protocol
IPRAInternet Policy Registration Authority
IpsecInternet Protocol Security
IRASRisk Analysis Service
ISInformation System
ISAKMPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISBNISO 2108 International Standard Book Number
ISC2The International Information System Security Certification Consortium
ISIRTInformation Security Incident Response Team
ISMSInformation Security Management System
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISO 17799ISO 17799 Standard
ISSAInformation Systems Security Association
ISSNISO 3297 International Standard Serial Number
ISSOInformation System Security Officer
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library
ItWWild In The
IVInitialization Value


KDCKey Distribution Center
KEAKey Exchange Algorithm
KEKKey-Encrypting Key
KISSKeep It Simple, Stupid
KLIFKey Loading and Initialization Facility
KMIDKeying Material Identifier
KMPKey Management Protocol


L2FLayer 2 Forwarding Protocol
L2TPLayer 2 Tunnelling Protocol
L3,4HIL3,4 Header Inspection
L4+HIL4+ Header Inspection
L4PIL4 Payload Inspection
L7PIL7 Payload Inspection
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LEAFLaw Enforcement Access Field
LOTOSLanguage of Temporal Ordering Specification


MACMandatory Access Control
MACMedia Access Control
MACMessage Authentication Code
MAECMalware Attribution Enumeration And Characterization Format
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MBRMaster Boot Record
MCAMerchant Certification Authority
MD2The MD2 Message-Digest Algorithm
MD4The MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm
MD5The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
MFMaster File
MHSMessage Handling System
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MISPCMinimum Interoperability Specification for PKI Components
MISSIMultilevel Information System Security Initiative
MitMMan-In-The-Middle Attack (On Otp)
MLSMultilevel Secure
MOSSMIME Object Security Services
MQVAJ Menezes, M. Qu, SA Vanstone
MSKMaster Session Key
MSPMessage Security Protocol
MtEMtE Engine

NaaSNetwork As A Service
NACNetwork Access Controller
NAPTNetwork Address Port Translation
NATNetwork Address Translator
NCSCNational Computer Security Center
NFCNear Field Communication
NGNNext Generation Network
NIAPNational Information Assurance Partnership
NIPRNETThe Non-Classified Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NLSPNetwork Layer Security Protocol
No-OpNo Operation
NOPNo Operation
NRICNational Reliability and Interoperability Council
NRTNon-Repudiation Token
NSANational Security Agency
nVirnVir Virus


OCSPOnline Certificate Status Protocol
OFBOutput Feedback
OIDObject Identifier
OIDIRIOID-Internationalized Resource Identifier
OOBOut Of Band
OPSECOperations Security
ORAOrganizational Registration Authority
OSIOpen Systems Interconnect
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSPOTP Service Provider
OSS/BSSOperation Support System/Business Support System
OTAROver-The-Air Rekeying
OTPOne Time Password
OTPOne-Time Pad
OVALOpen Vulnerability And Assessment Language


PAAPolicy Approving Authority
PAASPlatform As A Service
PANPrimary Account Number
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol
PAPPolicy Administration Point
PCAPolicy Certification Authority
PCAPolicy Creation Authority
PDEPosition Determining Entity
PDFPolicy Decision Function
PDNPacket Data Network
PDPPacket Data Protocol
PDPPolicy Decision Point
PDSProtective Distribution System
PDUProtocol Error
PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail
PEPPolicy Enforcement Point
PFSPerfect Forward Secrecy
PFSPublic-Key Forward Secrecy
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
PINPersonal Identification Number
PIPPolicy Information Point
PKCSPublic-Key Cryptography Standards
PKCS #10Public Key Cryptography Standards #10
PKCS #11Public Key Cryptography Standards #11
PKCS #5Public Key Cryptography Standards #5
PKCS #7Public Key Cryptography Standards #7
PKDPublic Key Directory
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
PLIPrivate Line Interface
PLMNPublic Land Mobile Network
PLMN operatorPublic Land Mobile Network Operator
PMAPolicy Management Authority
PMKPairwise Master Key
POP3Post Office Protocol, Version 3
POSIPortable Operating System Interface
PPLPreferred Products List
PPPPoint-To-Point Protocol
PPTPPoint-To-Point Tunneling Protocol
PSEPersonal Security Environment
PSKPre-Shared Key
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PTKPair-Wise Transient Key

QoSQuality Of Service


RARegistration Authority
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RAFRisk Analysis Function
RAFERisk Analysis Functional Entity
RASFRecipient-Side ASF
RATRemote Access Trojan
RBACRole Based Access Control
RBLReal-Time Blocking List
RC2Rivest Cipher #2
RC4Rivest Cipher #4
RC6Rivest Cipher #6
RCFERisk Classification Functional Entity
RDFERisk Detection Functional Entity
RDNRelative Distinguished Name
ReSAReceiver Security Agent
RFCRequest For Comment
RIDReal-Time Inter-Network Defense
RKSRecord Keeping Server
RMFERisk Mitigation Functional Entity
RoERisk Of Exposure
ROMRead-Only Memory
ROT13Rotate 13
RPRelying Party
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RSFRisk Search Function
RSPRisk Service Profile


SASecurity Association
SAASecurity Association Attributes
SaaSSoftware As A Service
SADSecurity Association Database
SAIDSecurity Association Identifier
SAMLSecurity Assertion Markup Language
SANSWSecure Answering
SAPService Access Point
SAPSpecial Access Program
SAppSecurity Application
SASSecurity Application Software
SASFSender-Side ASF
SASLSimple Authentication And Security Layer
SASUSSecurity Application Software Updating Server
SCASecurity Correlation Agent
SCASubordinate CA
SCFSecurity Communication Function
SCISecurity Control Information
SCISecurity Correlation Information
SCIFSensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCOMPSecure Communications Processor
SCSSecurity Correlation Server
SDESecure Data Exchange
SDNSSecure Data Network System
SDSEShadowed DSA Specific Entry
SDUService Data Unit
SESocial Engineering
SEISecurity Exchange Item
SENVSecure Envelope
SESESecurity Exchange Service Element
SETSET Secure Electronic Transaction
SETCoSET Secure Electronic Transaction LLC
SHA1Secure Hash Algorithm – Revision 1
SHSSecure Hash Standard
S-HTTPSecure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
SISecurity Information
SILSStandards For Interoperable LAN/MAN Security
SIOSecurity Information Object
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SKEMESecure Key Exchange Mechanism for Internet
SKIPSimple Key Management For Internet Protocols
SLAService Level Agreement
SMFService Management Function
SMISecurity Management Infrastructure
SMSSecurity Management System
SMSShort Message Service
SMSCShort Message Service Centre
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SOASource Of Authority
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol/Service Oriented Architecture Protocol
SOPSelf-Organizing Protocol
SPService Provider
SP3Security Protocol 3
SP4Security Protocol 4
SPDSecurity Policy Database
SPISecurity Parameters Index
SPIMSpam Over Instant Messaging
SPITSpam Over Internet Telephony
SPKISimple Public Key Infrastructure
SRFSpam Recipient Function
SSASecurity Information Sharing Agreement
SSASender Security Agent
SSCSubscriber Security Control
SSHSecure Shell
SSIDService Set Identifier
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSOSingle Sign-On
SSOSystem Security Object
SSO PINSingle Sign On Password Identification Number
SSPSecurity Information Sharing Policy


TACACSTerminal Access Controller Access Control System
TACACS+Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus
TAITelebiometrics Authentication Infrastructure
TAUTTerminal Authentication
TBATelebiometric Authority
TCBTrusted Computing Base
TCC FieldTransmission Control Code Field
TCGTrusted Computing Group
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCSECDoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TCSECTrusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TCTTotal Call Time
TDTerminal Device
TDEATriple Data Encryption Algorithm
TESSThe Exponential Encryption System
TFCTraffic-Flow Confidentiality
TFCITransport Format Combination Indicator
TGSTicket Granting Server
TOC/TOUTime-Of-Check To Time-Of-Use
TKTemporal Key
TKEYTransaction Key
TLPTraffic Light Protocol
TLSTransport Layer Security
TOASTThe Only Antivirus Software That Won’t Be Obsolete By The Time You Finish Reading This Ad
TOETarget Of Evaluation
TPETrident Polymorphic Engine
TPMTrusted Platform Module
TPMTrusted Platforms
TRANSECTransmission Security
TSATime Stamping Authority
TSECTelecommunications Security Word System
TSIGTrusted Systems Interoperability Group
TTPTrusted Third Party
TTPTrusted Third Party For Confidentiality Facilities


UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UICCUniversal IC Card
UIDUser Identity
UNIUser-To-Network Interface
URIUniform Resource Identifier
URLUniform Resource Locator
URNUniform Resource Name
URSUser Reputation System
UTCCoordinated Universal Time


VANValue-Added Network
VoDVideo On Demand
VPNVirtual Private Network
VSPPSVoIP Spam Prevention Policy Server
VSPRBLRBL Central System For Voip Spam Prevention
VSPSVoIP Spam Prevention System
VXVirus eXchange


W3WWWWorld Wide Web
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WLAN UEWLAN User Equipment
WNEWireless Network Entity
WSDLWeb Services Description Language
WSHWindows Script Host
WSNWireless Sensor Network 


X.500X.500 System
XAPIeXtensive Application Programming Interface
XCCDFeXtensible Configuration Checklist Description Format
xDSLDigital Subscriber Line Technologies
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XORExclusive OR

Y2KYear 2000